Hello, I am really interested into making devices that run linux.
I made a couple of Embedded Linux stuff already.
eg a Security Point. And Music box that downloads the music off the inet.
But, I want to go smaller more advanced now.
You all might think that I have to big plans. but no I know I dont have enough knowledge now but I am going to learn

I want to make embedded linux in devices that dont support Normal RW media. (eg a HD, SD-Stick, USB)
I want to boot linux from a ROM chip.
I know its possible. But I have no idea how.
I dont know how to write to a ROM chip for example. (A friend of me said that you can do it with a COM cable or a Printer cable.. but, I dont know..)
And, well I know I have to cross compile everything to a arm architecture. I recall that you can setup gnuc++ to do that..
But, well my question is. Can I install Linux on a ROM chip?
And how does it work with bootloaders etc then?
Is there somebody who knows a website, book, article that I should read.
Or just know it your self?

And does somebody know how I can simulate this? So I can practice before I demolish hardware (Might be good to know I am not a Electronics man. I know software. I know C++ I might learn some assembler if I need it for this..)

Well, Cheers.

ps. I know that ROM aint 100 MB or something. Its really small..