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    color laser printer recommendation?

    I would like to buy a color laser printer and was hoping someone here might be able to recommend one (linux drivers are a plus but not a necessity). If not, know of any websites w/ good info. or reviews. My google searches in this area turn up mostly garbage sites that want to sell something or are outdated. Thanks.

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    Take a look at the Brother Color Laser Printers:

    Brother International - Printers

    I've always used their monochrome models, but their printers usually come with Linux drivers, or you can download them from their website. My next printer will be a Brother Color Laser.

    Let us know what you wind up getting and how well it works.

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    Color laser printers are at first sight not such a interesting issue.

    But after having had your first empty cartridges, when you are not able to print, you can learn a lot of things to save money on toner, and the whole issue gets challenging.

    The cartridges that come with your new printer are not full. Maybe only 50 or 70%, but never 100%.

    So They are so called "empty", very soon. And new cartridges are very expensive.

    You should not use "refurbished" cartrides, because untight/leaky, and make a big mess inside of the printer, and quasi, destroy it that way. So, not the way to save money.

    Best is to only use the original empty cartridge and original toner.

    And find some good specialist who can refill them for you, because it is a messy and unhealthy job, if you don't do it professionally.

    But it pays, to have them refilled (up to three times, maximum, recommended), so buy a new one, the first time, but keep your empty one, for the next time, so you don't have to wait for refilling: You can refill it shortly before the the one you are using is really empty.

    If it says "Toner low", and gives some white lines/streaks, you can shake the cartridge a few times, till shaking won't be of any use.

    The manufacturers of printers make their money on cartridges, not on printers.
    Printers are reasonable cheap, compared with the high prices of cartridges/toner.

    Another problem you would get, is if your cartridges have so called "smart chips", which get overwritten with a message, if your cartridge is "empty": The printer reads the fill level, and writes on the chips "empty", if the level is rather low. When refilling cartridges, the smart chips need to be replaced, at the same time, and cost as well. Only the work for refilling, is not expensive.

    So, this is how you can save yourself from getting financially ruined, when having to put new toner to your printer.


    Look for a professional cartridge refilling shop, and ask him for recommendations as well, and see, if you can buy your printer there.
    Later, you will appreciate a good service, and won't loose your precious time, running around for the best price for cartridges. If you have to replace like five cartridges, all at once, all at the same time (well, black lasts longer), than it will cost you quite a lot, if you don't have a saving concept/strategy.

    A other important issue, is the noise of your printer, but most of all, the speed:
    The amount of pages per minute.

    Kind regards,

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    Thanks for the information Lordshooter. I was thinking about 3rd party toner refills but hadn't considered some of the issues you bring up. I am considering this konica minolta printer: Konica Minolta magicolor 2550 Printer Overview
    I think I will take your advice and talk to a 3rd party toner refill place about this particular model. They have linux drivers for it too

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    Hi, sounds good.

    I am sure, you will manage very well.


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