I have just bought a Sunix SATA1111 PCI-card, hoping to expand the capacity of my Ubuntu box.
It says on the box, and on the web-site that it "supports Linux 2.6.x (Not Fedora 6)". Im thinking "Great!, that must mean Ubuntu, amongst others". But no, it did not. The only driver included was one for Fedora 7 and that is also the only one available on their site.
There was no guide to install it on anything but Fedora.

I have tried e-mailing Sunix asking them to produce some sort of solution, but no response.

Now my hope is that it is possible to convert a driver from the files available.

The files can be downloaded here
The card and its data, can be seen here

If someone can fix this, or point me to some reading that will enable me to fix it my self, then it would really be great You might just say that I would be extremely pleased with said person, as I am running out of space, fast.