Hey after looking for a Quite while I cant cant really find a Portable Linux.
What I mean by that Is that I can put the Device in my Pockets.
I am looking for a PDA-like device that has at least 500Mhz~600Mhz and 128MB~256MB RAM. And has Wifi and has a Audio-Outport. Id also need Flash memory like a SD card so I can put that on there (eg, Music) and ofc will I need a Small Keyboard since command prompt is hell with TouchScreen.
So after looking around I found Zaurus. But what I read is that the company stoped making them (They looked OK)
So ive decided to make my own using Gumstix. I have done a lot of thinking about it. But I am scared I will Destory my Gumstix when I start..
Or that I wont be able to boot Debian or something like that.
So my question now is, does anyone know a way to Install anykind of Distro on a Gumstix or does anyone know a name for such a device?



The Gumstix Modules I was planning to put together are:
  • vxXL6P
  • netwifimirco-SD
  • GoliathGPS-vx
  • Samsung LCD