I'm a new administrator of some new servers: Dell PowerEdge 1950 and 2950 running Red Hat Enterprise 4 and CentOS 5. I have a task to choose which backup system would be nice for these servers. I thought of the Dell PowerVault 114T. But now that I take a closer look to the servers, they don't seem to have SCSI ports...

So the question: Would the PowerVault 114T work with the servers I mentioned? Which extra hardware would I need? Which other solutions do you recommend? I don't have access to many solutions, and it's better to keep with options around the price of the solution I have in mind (around $2000 us + tapes or needed stuff). I've already recommended the PowerVault, so it would be best to know just what I need to go with this.

And why not, is not exactly related... but which software and how to's do you recommend me to make backups and recovers from any possible disaster?