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    In need of some hardware help

    I'm looking forward to buying a DVD burning drive (dvd+rw, dvd-ram, dvd-r, ...), but I've read sometimes they don't work with computers with CPU that have around 900 MHZ.

    First off, I've been out of the game, but probably not long enough. I can't remember how to determine what cables my box is using for the HDD. I'm very sure it's not SATA. But I still can't determine what connections are going to the mobo.

    And, does anyone know if DVD burners can work with older processors? I don't see why not, because CD-burner drives work just fine.

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    dont no bowt the first question

    but yea they do as ive managed to hook up a computer with a 400MHz processor with a DVD burner it just seems to take a lill longer. just make sure that the motherboard can identify the type of DVD burner as ther are some out thea wea u have to buy the same brand as the motherboard

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    Yes you can install a dvd burning drive on your old computer.Here are some suggestions.
    Ensure you have the jumper set to the slave position as the instructions from the burner show. The slave position could be different than what it was on your old disc drive. Also ensure that the cable is plugged into the disc drive correctly, usually on the grey ribbon cable, one end has a dotten red line along the edge. This usually goes towards the power connection. Nowadays, the ends of the cables have a little notch that only fits in one way to the connection on the back of the drive to force you to plug it in right. But double check.

    While you will need software to actually burn CD's, you do not need software just to use the drive as a regular CD/DVD drive. Support for this is native to the PC, it does not require a driver.

    More of the article can be seen here

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