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Thread: Dead Drive

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    Dead Drive

    I have a drive that had 41 ata errors, I ran dd rescue to clone the drive, but after cloning 100 gb the drive just died now I cant even pull up the smartctl for the drive, any suggestions if there is anything I can do to bring the drive back to life to just clone it?

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    If the drive *physically* won't spin up, then you're pretty much SOL.

    One last thing I would try (I've done it before with 50/50 results)...put it in the freezer for 4-5 hours. Seriously. After 4-5 hours, pull it out (make sure it's dry), hook it up, pray, turn it on, pray some more, and if you're lucky it'll stay up long enough to pull an image.

    Good luck.

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    The drive does spin up with no odd sounds and gets detected, it is just the smart engine is dead when I try to get the smart logs is says it failed to get smart data.

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    Okay this is getting odd, i am booting my ubuntu box with this drives in my sata enclosures and when I plug one certain drive the xserver has errors during boot up, how would a drive screw with xserver.

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