Hi, I'm running the latest Ubuntu distro on my everex xt5000t laptop but am having problems with the built-in speakers. They don't seem to be working at all. In fact, the little volume nob my laptop is equipped with is not working either when I am using headphones - I have to regulate the volume via alsamixer. I have tried to fix the problem by turning on/up all of the fields in the terminal-version of alsamixer but to no avail.

My laptop is equipped with:
"Realtek ALC885 High-Definition Audio Codec with S/PDIF and 7.1 channel audio support (Analog: 24-Bits Max Resolution, 192kHz Max Samping; Digital: 24-Bits Max Resolution, 192kHz Max Samping), Built-in Array Microphone and Built-in Stereo Speakers (2.2W) with Subwoofer (3W)"

please help.
thanks in advance