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    Linux on AMD Athlon(TM) 1000 MHz (100x10.0)


    I'm trying to install linux on my computer(2001) (I beliebe you have heard tha before... )

    But I got trouble, at the very beginnig, with the architecture thing and think the best solution is to ask you some questions:

    First -> Of Course i seeked for information about instalation. What I got is that I need to know the architecture of my procesor in order to download some distriburtion.
    When I start the computer it sais the main procesor is AMD Athlon 1000 MHz (100x10.0)
    I was trying to download the debian distribution but the question I want to ask is more general
    Is there any linux distribution for my procesor?
    If so, is there a debian for that architecture?

    Thank you in advance

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    That is not an uncommon processor and you shouldn't have a problem getting linux installed on in.

    I want to make a distinction/definition for you. Linux (or more properly, GNU/Linux) is the operating system you are installing. Linux supports your processor. A distribution is really nothing more than the installer, initial software that is installed and the system you use to track, update, add, and remove software. All distributions use the same "Linux". They might have different versions of the Linux Kernel, but any good distribution will allow you to upgrade/downgrade to other versions of the linux kernel as well.

    So, since Linux supports your processor, any distribution will support your processor.

    I would suspect the latest version of Debian will work just fine for you. If you are asked to pick your processor/architecture I think you should go with Intel_x86 if there is no similar AMD option. I know the kernel supports your processor, I'm not sure what Debian is getting at by saying which processors it supports.

    Good luck to you!

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    Ok thank you Jason_m, for your help and for the readiness

    I'm now downloading it to start

    PS: I hadn't read the PC Magazine Article when i started the tread.

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    For that kind of processor in debian you will want to use the i386 distribution.

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