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    best filesystem for terabyte drive (priority: speed)

    I just purchased a 1TB SATA II Drive and created a 1TB ext3 partition on it. Is this the best filesystem to use for such a setup? It will contain only music and movies. Unless I am overlooking something else more important, speed is my biggest priority. Any ideas?

    using opensuse 10.3

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    i guess you need XFS.I never used XFS so i can't comment on it's performace.

    Take look at here and here
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    My .02...

    This is not a cut and dry question, because the data you're storing is vastly different. I am assuming the "music" is 3-10MB files and the "movies" are several hundred MB's in size.

    If you are truly concerned about "top performance", then I'd use ReiserFS on one slice for the music and XFS on another slice for the movies. I'd also mount them both with "noatime" and make some other filesystem tweaks, such as changing the size of the journal for XFS. Here is an example.

    Either of these could be used for the whole drive. And both will perform better than ext3.

    Another "bad habit" of ext3 that I have run into is that if the journal becomes corrupted, the journal will be dropped and the filesystem will revert to operating with no journal - it will revert to ext2 basically. If you don't catch this and you have a reboot without flushing/shutting down, you're going to lose any data in memory that hasn't been committed to disk. And that is....*annoying*...


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