I have just got a Fuji FinePix F40fd Digital Camera and im having some problems transfering the images into F-Spot.

Im using OpenSUSE Linux 10.3.

I was using an older Fuji Finepix camera and that was working fine importing the images into F-Spot and the USB device came up on the desk top so i could browse the drive if i wanted.

Now with the new camera when i plug the camera in it pops up asking if i want to import photos which i click yes to but them when the import box comes up you can select the camera but it has a red x next to it and then nothing shows up. I dont get the USB device either on the destop or in the Media folder, so i cant just browse the files and copy them across.

Does anyone know how i can get the pics off the camera? I could buy a card reader but would sooner save my money, but i have a feeling that Linux either cant see the USB device for some reason or maybe something to do with the files types or size?

Please help.