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    another newbie asking about PC problems


    This might be similar to this thread but I'm certain mine is older. >_>

    Okay, our PC is a second handed one bought from surplus and since my father is a 'superman' regarding fixing technical problems, we were able to use it for 5 years or less. >_>

    The downside is, it's running on Back Up since the original is far from saving (it died due to viruses and such).

    I just got inspired about using linux and I wanted to try Ubuntu right away. A friend gave me an Ubuntu 6.06 installer yet I haven't tried it 'cause maybe my PC will crash. (the other PC crashed when I tried to install Ubuntu 5.10)

    It's Pentium III,

    HP (I am not knowledgable in knowing if its 32 bit or 64),

    has 128 MB RAM (my father will attempt to upgrade it and turn it into 256 MB if we can find an SDRAM),

    has 8.4 GB (1.8 GB free space but I'll be reformating my computer)

    runs on 550 MHz

    and its current OS is "Microsft Windows XP"

    .... and since I can't open Drive C without getting the pop up that says "cannot find tms.vll.vb script" or something like that, I say my PC was virused

    it has Avira Antivir as an antivirus, if this info can help.

    Truth is, I don't know hardware stuff and I'll be really glad if someone can help me for free since I want to become a software engineer someday. (freshman alert! freshman alert!) Plus my seniors won't help me cause they have their own problems.

    So... is my PC safe for Ubuntu 6.06? I think it's a text-based installer but I can't tell. >_>
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    additional info:

    And I say it's FAT.

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    I say you should be good to go. The 128mb of ram might put a slight damper on performance, but I'd try it.

    Another way to find out; have your friend burn the livecd version of ubuntu and use that for a couple days, this way you don't have to install it first.

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