So I recently bought a new 250 gig external hard drive, seeing as how my 20 gig wasn't doing it anymore . All is pretty well, except linux isn't playing nicely with it. It mounts fine when the system starts up, or when I unmount/remount it for the first little while, but after leaving the computer sit for a while (IE: over night), Linux decides it wants to play hide and seek with my files.

The first thing I always notice is that noatun cannot find my Music folder on the hard drive anymore when it tries to play music, though the rest of my folders and files all appear in the directory listing. Next, if I unmount and remount the device (umount /mnt/fat; mount /mnt/fat), it mounts without errors, but NONE of my files appear to be there. As you can imagine, this scared the **** out of me the first time it happened.

In order to be able to access my files again, I must restart the system and have it mount the hard drive. Anybody know what might be wrong.

Slackware Linux 12.0; Linux Kernel.

$ cd /mnt/fat; ls
returns a proper directory listing, and going directly to /mnt/fat/Music in konqueror shows my music files. However /mnt/fat in Konqueror does not show any directories, and noatun cannot f ind any files in that directory either.