Hi list,

I have an Encore ENPS-2012 print-server in a LAN working perfectly with mac (via appletalk) and windows machines. There is a laser printer connected in parallel port of the print server.

Now, I have a linux box with fedora, and I'm trying to configure the printer connected to the print-server. I'm using IPP using following address:


pid1 is, according to the documentation, the name of the printer connected in the print-server's parallel port... the local address is configured and works fine (I can access the print-server web-based config tool)

But after sent a test page, I received following error:

/usr/lib/cups/backend/ipp failed
checking the cups logs, there's something as "Destination printer does not exist!" ...

I tryed other options such as: ipp://, ipp://, ipp:// ... but nothing...

Somebody knows the correct configuration for this print-server?

Thanks a lot,