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    bios problem big one...(solved)

    hi i recently intalled a new ATI video card onto my computer. however i couldn't get my screen to load with it on. so i read on ati's site that i needed to enable PCI support or something along those lines in my bios. (i run a farely new gateway desktop) so i put in my old video card and went into the bios (recklessly -.-') and enabled these two options displayed on this page: BIOS for Beginners | Tom's Hardware
    so now my problem, aside from the ati video card not working. even with my old video card i cannot see anything.
    the monitor says it can see video unlike with the new ati card in, however the video displayed is all black. is there a way to reset the bios settings without being able to see? i have checked the computer's "manuals" that came with it and all they tell me is how to install windows... -.-'
    thanks for your help

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    problem solved by taking out cmos battery and letting computer decharge. the bios reset after a while of decharging.

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    It is difficult sometimes to remove the battery without using force. So try slipping the hem of your negligey under the contact and standing there for a few hours.
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