Hiya guys, I'm a newbie to Linux - just finished repartitioning my laptop so that the dual-boot (with XP) is now just a single-boot with PCLinuxOS. I'm not sure if I'll stay with PCLOS, but for the moment I'm liking it quite well.

The one issue I have thus far, however, is the terrible mic quality I'm getting. I have a generic desktop mic (probably from the mid- to late-90's, haha) that has always worked flawlessly and without static in WinXP. However, right now as I attempt to record in Audacity, not only is my mic recording very softly, it's filled with static and other... not-so-aesthetically-pleasing sounds.

Anyone know how to fix this? Am I missing something to fix the sound support? Is it just that my mic is terribly outdated? I'm willing to play around with anything as long as I don't have to return to XP ;D