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    Help Accident!!!!

    Ok so my friend was driving with his computer in the back of his car and he got in an accident.... Not a really bad accident but his monitor kinda knocked in his tower a bit, but only in non essistial areas.... there is no visable damage to any components including the cpu (checked the core). So we try and turn on his computer and bam... the fans rev up, the monitor turns on, and then nothing no beep no display on the screen nothing.... I can't figure out what is wrong becuase everything seems to be ok. Any ideas????

    Forgot to mention... he is running an
    Abit NF7 mb
    Athlon Xp 3200
    Asus V9520 Magic vid card

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    check to make sure everything is present on the motherboard. it sounds like the BIOS was somehow wiped. possibly a lost battery or something.

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    Well thanx for all your help!!! Found out a few things in the last hour.... first of all we are hearing no beeps becuase he didn't plug in his PC speaker and now I think we just discovered that is becuase he doesn't have one Then I tried another monitor and after some work I got it to page.... but we can't get the keyboard to work, his or mine (the one I am typing on right now) all he wants to do is see if the computer will boot again to make sure its all ok but it has a checksum error becuase we reset the cmos so it won't boot unless we hit F1 or change the settings in the bios..... so damn damn damn....

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    check these out and post any problems...
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