Hiya! I have equipped my guinea-pig computer with a Radeon 7200 video card! It has DVI, VGA, and s-video out, so I've plugged it up to the HDTV in the living room via s-video (and haven't been kicked out of the house for it yet...). It displays boot and console/framebuffer information (running little more than Arch core on it --my da- I mean, the network administrator hasn't allowed it internet access yet), and I can run Puppy Linux (and presumably anything else) in VESA display mode.
...but now what? What can I do with a default setup with s-video out? Can/how do I watch movies with it? Is it possible to actually use the TV as a monitor with x.org (not VESA) running? I've looked for the latter, which sounds probable but I cannot find any "how-to" on the subject. As for the first (using as an auxiliary vid-out, like to watch movies and such), I figure I could VNC/Telnet into the computer (since I don't plan to connect an actual monitor to it where it is) and make it play movies and whatnot from there, but I haven't had a chance to play with that much of it and don't know exactly what the s-video can be used for.
Anyways, any ideas are helpful (and appreciated). I want to know what functionality can come of it, but (as mentioned) this is my guinea-pig computer and once I know how to do a little with it, I am more than willing to play with it thereafter.