I just purchased the Intel Qx3+ Bigital Blue Microscope. It's a nice piece of equipment for playing with.

Anyone else have this toy and get it working under linux?


1) I have CPIA support enabled in my kernal; when I

cat /proc/cpia/video0 | grep toplight

it returns

toplight off off off off

Then I try

echo "toplight: on" >> /proc/cpia/video0

which returns

toplight on off off off

the light doesn't turn on. Everything tells me that if you have write access to video0, then you should be set-up and good to go. I can write it, but it doesn't work. Obviously, without the lights the scope is useless.

2) cpia-control. WTF is up with this program????? Why can't this dude just make it like every other program and .tar.gz it with make and make install. How do I install this?????

3) qtx3 won't start either. Another one without make and make install. I think it's libqt issues, but I don't even get an error with the pre-compiled binary, it just hangs. arrgggg.....

gqcam works great, but then I can't control the lights with a program, so I'd like to qtx3 working.

Can anyone help??