I was wondering if I could get some cell phone recommendations. I thought what I was looking for was pretty simple, but I cant really find what im looking for...

Im looking for a device that has a querty keyboard and runs linux. I'd like to be able to open a term with bash, and perl would be great. Being able to develop open source apps for it would also be a huge plus, but if I had to buy a SDK I guess that would be OK too. The neo1973 sounds perfect, if only it had a keyboard!

I found that people got pretty far with the treo 650's. They boot linux & GPE Linux on Treo 650 gets real - Engadget

The treo looks cool, I could run GPEand modify things, but I was reading they never got the phone itself (dialer etc) working. Kinda defeats the purpose.

Anything come to mind for a couple hundred bucks? Im in the US.

Thank you!