I am a noob trying to manage an IBM 306x server with onboard adaptec sata raid. It has Fedora Core 5 on it, migrated from windows by my predecessor.

Yesterday I started getting emails from smartd saying that one of the drives has "offline uncorrectable sectors". So I went out and bought a new drive and popped it in. Now I can't figure out how to get the stupid array to rebuild with the new drive.

According to the reading I've done I have to rebuild it using the IBM RaidMan utility, which wasn't installed. After installing it it tells me that 'no controllers were found in this system'. AAGHH!

Next I learned about Kudzu and discovered that it is using the ata_piix driver and that the controller is appearing as a Intel 6300ESB Sata Raid Controller, which presumably isn't supported by RaidMan.

Now... I have a copy of aarich on an ibm disk that came with the system and aacraid on another adaptec disk, but I'm not clear which disks belong to this server and which to its big brother, also IBM also with adaptec raid controller. The bios raid utility doesn't tell me what hardware I have either.. I have found a really good site all about this topic (Serial ATA (SATA) on Linux), but not knowing what hardware I'm meant to have doesn't really help.

So if I try to install one of these drivers (aarich probably) from the cd and it doesn't go well, how would I change it back? I would presumably be left with an unbootable system? I don't know why the fellow did it this way, but I do remember him commenting that he had a hard time getting the raid to work on this box in Linux.

Thanks for any help or comments...

Marc Pelletier
Goldak Airborne Surveys