I'm having trouble in making a Hauppauge Nova-T SE DVB-T (type 1155G) USB stick pick up any channels using Kaffeine on Ubuntu 7.10.

I've followed various helpful pages of instructions, such as this one HOWTO: Kaffeine & (Hauppauge) WinTV-Nova-T Stick [Feisty Fawn] - Ubuntu Forums and got to the stage that the device appears to be recognised and connected when plugged in. Kaffeine even displays fluctuating signal strength and 'lock' indications while tuning but never finds any channels. My aerial is an outdoor type which gives 100% signal strength on ordinary Freeview set top boxes. I have tried setting Kaffeine up for both 'Auto' tuning and uk-SandyHeath (my local transmitter) but to no avail.

Along the way I have downloaded new firmware files which have been placed in /lib/firmware.

What do we mean by "firmware"? My understanding of the term would be some software stored in non-volatile memory. Is the implication that plugging a USB device into a PC can result in its existing firmware being over-written?

I have since tried to install the device on a Windows XP machine and the installation software claims not to be able to see the device even though device manager claims it is installed properly. Could this be an issue with the firmware, or am I completely misunderstanding how this works?

(Plus can anyone suggest why my tuner doesn't work with Kaffeine?)

Many thanks in advance.