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    Unhappy IBM xSeries 100 + integrated chipset ATI ES1000

    Hello everybody,

    My computer is a IBM xSeries 100 with integrated graphic chipset ATI ES1000.

    I have a wide LCD screen (under Windows, resolution is 1680x1050). It is a Samsung SynchMaster 225BW.

    I installed last Ubuntu 8.04 LTS and the display is very ugly.

    I guess it's because Ubuntu doesn't recognize the ATI ES1000 chipset. The "driver" line in xorg.conf is the standard "vesa"

    I looked for drivers in the ATI website. I didn't even find any mention of the ES1000 ! I also looked for drivers in the IBM website. And... Yes ! There are drivers ! For Windows XP.... :'(

    I tried the generic ATI driver, I installed xorg-driver-fglrx, I read several forums, included this one. I filled xorg.conf with hundreds of different parameters, and I still bear this ugly appearance.

    Does anybody can help ?
    Thanks a lot

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    HP ML 350 + integrated chipset ATI ES1000

    I've got exactly the same problem. I also have Ubuntu 8.04 but it's on a HP ML350 server with an inbuilt ES1000.

    I understand that business servers are traditionally not meant to have high end graphics. The ES1000 is a 2D card, so 3D effects are impossible. Forget fglrx. However, in this day and age, I would expect a pretty decent screen display even in a server.

    My display at present with Ubuntu and ES1000 takes me back to 90s computing and what one could expect then in an average office. I can't get any resolution above 1280x1024. (I have it set with "ati" instead of "vesa".)

    However, to fit my Dell widescreen ratio I have to use 1280x960. I suppose I should be thankful for that, even if things get cramped on screen. But I wish I could get a crisper display.

    I doubt support for this card in Ubuntu will come any time soon, despite ES1000 being around for quite a while.

    If anyone knows of a driver somewhere, please let us know.

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