Hey guys...
I have a Altec Lansing speaker system which runs completely via USB.

I connect the USB cable, windows says:
- new hardware detected
- new audio hardware detected
- audio driver installed
- can be used now
and the speakers automatically set their own soundcard as standard output device, then I can hear great sound, all running via USB.

Today I tried with my Xandros at my Eee PC 900, it detects them, the System Control tells me that Altec Lansing X11 is detected, but nothing under sound hardware, and I can't hear anything.

Then I tried the other thing, the speakers have an AUX input, so you can take the power from USB and connect a MP3 Player or something, connected this to the headphone output of my laptop. Now I heard something, but wasn't even as loud as the laptop speakers.

What can I do?