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    Hard drive detected in POST and Knoppix 3.6, but not in Mandriva


    I have a SATA HDD device that sits behind a SATA-IDE bridge and a custom ASIC. The device is able to be detected during system POST, and also detected by Knoppix 3.6 Live CD as /dev/hdc. However Mandriva doesn't detect it at all, neither does Windows.

    Does anyone know why Knoppix 3.6 detects it but not other Linux versions? Also why is it /dev/hdc instead of /dev/sda or sdb?


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    I do not know why Knoppix detects it ... you do. Run lsmod from Knoppix and you'll see what modules are loaded for it.
    There are two generations of IDE drivers in Linux kernel. Knoppix 3.6 is probably using older ATA/ATAPI/(E)IDE driver section in kernel.
    Mandriva is using new SATA/PATA driver set.
    It is possible the new libata approach does not work on your hardware configuration.
    Solution would be: turn on older ATA support in kernel.

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