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    I was re-reading this. I noticed nVidia use another type of fakeRAID. I have no experience with this hardware, it is possible it's incompatible with dmraid.

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    Mandriva and Suse 11 do understand it. But still there are problems that might not be related to that.
    1. Mandriva's latest installer has a bug when using Grub. It writes the boot loader stuff to the wrong drive. This is the extent of the bug. So, today I popped in a 512meg flash drive and installed just the /boot partition on it.
    So far, so good. (Was not ready to come back here to make it official -yet.)
    2. Suse 11 works, but I still experience occasional hangups. I have to ascertain the cause. Might not be the raid.
    All the other distros (that I mentioned), definetly have a problem with the raid. Possibly people buy the same machine with 1 drive only and that scenario does not present a problem.

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    Just want follow up before the weekend...
    The Mandriva distro which I installed from a live cd was a 32 bit with a limit on the ram, < 1 gig. I downloaded the 64 bit distro and it could NOT even recognize the drives!!
    So, I am left with Suse 11.0 but it hangs cold at times and need to isolate the problem.
    nat.... Have a nice weekend.

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    I know this a old thread, but would like to contribute.

    Here are the specs for the M2N78-LA motherboard from HP

    HP and Compaq Desktop PCs- Motherboard Specifications, M2N78-LA (Viola)

    It is a Nvidia GeFore 8200 chipset with Nvidia's Raid solution call Nvidia Storage.
    Its Raid 0 or Raid 1

    I have a HP Elite M9350F


    AMD Phenom x4 9850
    ASUS M2N78-LA Motherboard
    Nvidia 9800GT Video
    6 gb RAM
    750gb Hard Drive

    And yes mine has a cheap 460 watt power supply, barely enough to work with this hardware. I can't beleive HP put such a small power supply in this computer, I would have put a least a 850 watt supply in. Very future proof.

    HP must be using this motherboard on all there new PC's so I see it as a common problem.

    I have problems with using Linux on this computer too, I am getting a Grub error on some distros. And they work fine on my laptop.

    I am using just using Live CD's since the computer is still under warranty, I have had it only a month.

    Known to work for me (so far):

    Fedora 9 x86_64
    openSUSE 11.0 x86_64
    Ubuntu 8.04.1 x86_64
    Zenwalk 5.2 x86

    Can't get Debian or sidux to work.

    I have allready added a pci slot fan and replaced the 92 mm case fan since this computer runs hot, and they work wonders. Case has cooled down at least 10 to 20 centigrade. Next up is a new power supply, case, CPU cooler and motherboard.
    I too thought I would have no problems with Linux, but it is no biggie for me.
    I did save several hundred dollars on this computer compaired to the one I wanted to build myself. Not all barebones are cheaper.
    I thought I would just update this thread just incase someone else is having the same troubles.

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