I have a performance issue on the application. First the brief description:
We are in process of physical movement of the servers from one location to the other.

Old: 4 Application servers, 2 DB servers, 1 SAN. "Linux 2.4.9-e.57smp #1 SMP Thu Dec 2 20:51:12 EST 2004 i686".

New: Here the real issue starts, we had ordered higher version of harderware and unfortunatly Linux 2.1 was not supported by it, so we installed Vmware and installed Linux on it. Below are the details:

Vmware version 3.0.2
Vmware server details: Hard Disk: 2*146 GB sata disks
Processors: 2*Dual core Intel Xeon
Memory: 8 gb, NIC card: 4
Number of servers: 2

On this we have 3 Application servers and 4 application servers running on the 2 Vmservers.

Now the same setup is done as per the old one, but the performance seems to be below par.

We are trying to have a performance testing, here the major issue is the CPU utilisation goes down drastically every time we run the test script.

Was wondering if the Vmware is causing the performance issue or something else? just could not figure out what it would be. Please advice me.