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    Smallest System w/ Dual NICs

    What's the smallest system available that still comes with
    dual network cards and can handle a full blown OS install?
    I need more control over my router/firewall, so I'm curious
    if I can build my own cheaper than buying a Cisco ASA...

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    well i'm not into advanced routing/firewalling, but unless you haven't already, i suggest you check VIA's products. they make low power consumption mobo's and cpu's and some of their mobos are compatible with core 2 duo in case you need more power. you could probably hook 2 ethernet cards on one of those mobo's and add a gig of ram and one of VIA's cpus and you'll have a decent machine, more than enough for use as a router/firewall.

    but, unfortunately it's not the cheapest solution....

    EDIT: check if you can get a third party firmware for your router. they usually provide more features and control than default firmware and are sometimes more stable/perform better. i use tomato firmware on my linksys wrt54g and it has made it comparable to some quite expensiver routers...

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