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    Question Can I make a USB drive always mount to /backup ?

    I just purchased a large drive I want to use for backup purposes.

    I formatted it to ext3 format.

    This drive is USB/eSATA. I would like it to always mount as /backup in the filesystem, and be shared on the network.

    Where do I configure this?
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    You'll need to edit the file /etc/fstab (see man fstab for more info). For example, you could do something like this
    LABEL=/backup     /backup    ext3   defaults   1   2
    assuming your partition had the label "/backup".

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    If you want it to be mounted when plugged, you should look into this:

    Writing udev rules

    After you achieve local mounting, you can go to the next step, and share it via nfs, sshfs, samba, ftp or whatever you preffer.

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