Hey, I have been looking around for a while if there is a way to turn on the fans at certain temps. there is some software or script to get the fans to start spinning when the sensors reach a certain temp.

I would like to have them run at 1/3 the speed at around 20-40degrees, 2/3's at 50-60 and full above 60. Alternatively just full speed at above 50 if the previous is unrealistic.

I have installed lm-sensors and it runs about 70-90degrees usually which is far too hot for me to want to use it.

I am also using an Acer Travelmate 5720, 2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo T7300, ATI Mobility Radeon X2500 (using X1600 drivers). This problem is both in MintLinux and Fedora 9.