I'm having some issues keeping my Athlon64 X2 4000+ working cool. It has the 65nm architecture, so the maximum operating temperature is only 65C.

I don't have a lot of issues with it actually reaching 65C, but I've seen it reach 61-62C under 100% load on both cores for over 24 hours, but aside from over-clocking, I typically can't get it past the 58-60C range under full load.

Anyway, this is too hot for my liking. It is not so bad if it is not at full load; it typically runs anywhere from 35-45C at 25%-50% load on either of the cores.

I have an Antec P180 case, which has the dual-chamber design, and plenty of air-flow, so I think my biggest issue is the heat sink and CPU cooler.

Right now I'm using AMD Cool n' Quiet to run it at a slower clock when not needed, but I'm wondering if there is any software available to monitor the temps closely. I've been using lm-sensors and gkrellm, but I'd like something that tracks the high and low temperatures, and have some better warning functions. My program of preference on Windows for this was Motherboard Monitor 5, so just in case anyone is familiar with that, I'm looking for something like that.

However, what I thought would be really cool, is if there was a way to use the AMD Cool n' Quiet functionality to lower the clock speed if temps get too high. Not sure if this is even possible or if there are programs available to do it.