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Thread: Firewire

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    Can anyone tell me how to get Firewire devices to work? It's actually not for me so I'm asking for someone else.

    I was wondering what the issues are a source of. In other words, does having a newer kernel help? Do various distros have better support than others? Is there a configuration routine to undertake? Commands?

    I am asking about an iPod using Firewire (connection) but I suppose it could apply to a camcorder using Firewire or any device really, right?

    I've googled but I cannot find the answer yet. Also, would I be able to test via a LiveCD? I was hoping it would be one way to test without having to install various Linux OS's and especially since it's for someone else and they could test by inserting the LiveCD and seeing if the device could be accessed and used via Firewire (well, was hoping). That would be a convenient option/scenario. Any ideas?

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    No Firewire users?!?

    Nobody here uses Firewire?!?

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    I guess among the mega thousands of Linux users, no one uses Firewire?

    I guess Linux support isn't that great afterall. So much for all the claims that it's way better than for Windows.

    I posted in other forums asking the same question. You know how many replies I got?: ZERO...Z-E-R-0. As in '0.'

    No one replied. No one asked, 'firewire for what?' or anything related.

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