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    Hey Bigtomrodney, thanks for chiming in. This is great. I once gave up on forums as I never ever received a response. It's guys like the two of you that make these things work.
    Bigtom: I can't seem to get that command to work. I'll try some more.
    Grandebasta: My ports all had the correct permissions, but none of them were marked as executable. I changed that on all of them to no avail - no mouse/no printer. So, I still seem to have a usb issue in mepis as well as a separate printer issue. I think I can eventually get the printer now, but I'm on usb first.
    Okay, I just now checked and none of the usb ports are executable after reboot. I was in root when I made the changes too.??? What's up with that? Are they marked "executable" in your distro?


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    Well, I switched my ports around again and this time the mouse came up. I don't know if the fix was that or the suggestions I have been given. I will look at my usb ports (hardware) more and deal with that. Thanks for all the help. Now, I'm on the printer again.
    I have kept all suggestions on usb and will look into them further. Thanks again.

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    Thank you, for your update.

    I understand, the settings, don't keep/stay the way you set them:
    Because of adding hard ware devices to your Linux-PC, your PC is unstable.
    It will need one or two weeks, to get stable, and the settings should stay at first try, and not keep bouncing back to the default settings.
    Some printers just start to print, after a few days..., without the user having done any further attempts: The PC got stabler within a few days. Hardware got better detected. Overall, the teamwork between motherboard and device(s) got better.

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    Hello again, Jay

    If you can get a PS/2/USB adapter cable for your mouse, you could connect your mouse to the PS/2 port of your PC. If that port is occupied however, there might be hubs for PS/2 devices.

    It would be worth a try.

    (My mouse has frozen a few times, today, and I replaced it for a ergonomic mouse that has a PS/2 cable: It hasnt caused any problems so far. It looks like a joystick, but it is a mouse: Great ergonomic and natural feeling and position of the hand...)

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