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    Added additional Hard Drives. System Dead.

    The computer is an older Desktop. Specifically an emachines T3990. It has/had Ubuntu installed on it.

    I wanted to add some extra hard drives to use as storage/backup. But the motherboard did not have any sata connections (not because they were all full, it was just too old I guess), so I installed a PCI sata controller with two ports.

    I then connected two 500GB sata hard drives. I left the old hard drive alone.

    So then I turn on the computer.

    First time it just thinks about it forever and never boots up. - no boot menu or anything.

    Turn computer off. Turn computer back on.

    This time it gets to the boot menu. I select the OS. Shows the splash screen like it is trying to load the OS, but after thinking about it for a long time, the computer finally gives up and shows a strange command prompt screen (I can't remember what it was, but at the time I googled it and found nothing that was helpful to me)

    I restart the computer a few more times and get the same thing.

    Then I stick in a live cd. Boots of the live CD no problem. I am able to mount, read, and write to all 3 drives no problem. However I do notice that the new drives took spots sda and sdb, and pushed the old drive (the one with the OS installed on it) to spot sdc. Odd, and in my mind could explain the problems I was having but I was clueless about what to do about it.

    After googleing for a solution for a few hours. The only suggestion I found that I was able to follow the instructions (I am a complete linux noob) was to reinstall the OS.

    So I reformat the old drive (now sdc) and reinstall the OS on it. Installation seems to go fine.

    But when I restart the computer. Now I get GRUB ERROR 21. I have reformatted the disk and reinstalled the OS 4 times now and every time is the same. When I try to boot the computer with without the live cd I get grub error 21.

    I do not know what else to try. (except removing the new drives, or installing the OS on one of the new drives, but neither of those should be necessary and are not how I want the computer configured. )

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    Can you post the output of
    sudo fdisk -l
    and let us know which drive is which ...

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    Well, I already got the computer working again.

    The problem was that linux was calling the drive sdc, but the BIOS saw it as the first drive. I guess grub uses the bios method of counting rather than the linux way of counting.

    I changed the bios settings so that the bios considered the drive as #3. Then reinstalled the OS and the computer started right up.

    This mostly fix the problems. At least the computer will boot now. But moving the priority down has had 1 noticeable side effect.

    Now the computer will not boot if there are any USB Drives plugged in. With USB drives plugged in I get Grub Error, with them unplugged I get no error.

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    You should be able to change the boot order so USB devices are not higher up the list for booting from than your drive with Linux on ... that should cure the problem.

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