i've got an asus my cinema u3000 mini usb tv tuner and would like to know how I can get the drivers installed on linux.
I'm running linpus linux lite.
I downloaded all the files from the asus website so know i have
install_u3000, install_vdr, unins_u3000, uninst_vdr shells and two deb files.

Then i follow the commands they say to type in
Press + + to open the console mode. - i do open terminal here in home window
8. Key in sudo su, and then press .
9. Key in ./install_u3000, and then press . i get an error here - ./install_u3000: line 3 dpkg: command not found.
10. Key in ./install_vdr, and then press .
11. After installation, close the console mode window. Restart your
Eee PC.

thanks for all the help. Just hope i can get this thing worked out. i tried running scripts but don't do anything as in nothing happens after i click install.