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    iPod Nano 4th Gen?

    I need a new player to replace my aging iPod Mini and I was thinking of getting one of the new Nanos. Are they working in Linux yet? I think I remember reading something a while ago about Apple changing something with the new iPods that broke their Linux compatibility, does that still apply?

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    I can confirm that the new nano doesn't work with Rhythmbox or gtkpod. I just got one for my son and tried it on 2 of my Ubuntu boxes, both of which I use with my older iPod Video, and neither app will work. Not sure what they did, but your comment about Apple breaking Linux compatibility seems to be correct.

    I still hope to try floola and maybe a couple of other apps, but sure seems like I'm dead in the water for now. Thanks, sure know how to make an 11 year-old kid's (birth)day!

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    Re:iPod Nano 4th Gen?

    Simply press the "menu" button. That should automatically quit the application. if a second game menu comes up after pressing menu, simply scroll the game menu until you find "quit" or "save and quit".

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    I have a latest generation iPod Classic working perfectly. My understanding is that the hardware/firmware is the same, if not very similar. You need to set the iPod model in your configuration for gtkpod or Rhythmbox. I use Amarok so I couldn't tell you how to do this in either of those applications specifically.

    You will need a newer libgpod, so one from this year - if you are using an older distro release you may have problems.

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