I am wondering if there is a way to "override" the capacity of a hard drive as recognized by the Linux kernel. Because I have a hard drive which has started to report itself as much smaller than it actually is. (This is reported by the hardware on the drive itself; probably a significant bit in the number got accidentally flipped or something.) So no matter what I try to do (i.e. read off the drive using "dd" from /dev/hdX), it reads until the supposed smaller capacity and stops. I am assuming that this is done at the kernel level (it gives an "end of file" when it reaches that offset or something). I want to be able to make it "keep reading" past that offset, and just keep reading until a larger "capacity" that I specify. So is there a way to tell the kernel to pretend that a drive is bigger than it is? This is so that I can at least copy the data off the hard drive, which I believe is intact. Thanks,