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    LInux(Ubuntu) supporting Mobos

    Hello frnds

    I want mobos(especially p35) on which Linux(preferably Ubuntu) can be installed without promblem. Iam a novice in Linux. But i ran KNOPPIX & UBUNTU Live CD on my old Sys. Now iam buying new Sys. But i heard that some Mobos cant run Linux Properly. like some JMicron bug. And they dont recognize SATAsata drives. In my new build i want to run only UBuntu Windows. PLz suggest a suitable Mobo for $90

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    Hi there naveen and welcome to the forum,

    In regards to your question, all I can really say is


    I've got an MSI board that works for linux as well as a piece of cardboard.

    The cardboard is much cheaper.

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    Honestly, with a kernel 2.6.21 or above, I have not had a Jmicron problem.

    I have an Abit IP35Pro Motherboard (with a Jmicron IDE controller) and it works great in Linux. I have a SATA hdd and a SATA dvdrw. I have had an ide hdd plugged in to make sure the jmicron worked.

    I have:
    Intel Q6600 (2.4GHz x 4)
    Abit IP35 Pro
    4 x 2GB G.Skill DDR2 RAM
    ASUS Lightscribe DVD+/-RW
    Nvidia 8800GT 512MB

    I also have some other stuff, but everything I have works and I built this system after researching the hardware for linux. The kernel even has drivers for the Abit Uguru chipset on the board to read the temps and fan speed.

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    Hey, if you were building a new system but wanted an Intel-based mobo that was at least P35 chipset, which one would you get? Would you get the P35 or the P43 or P45? I want at least 6 SATA ports. I will use a few 'storage' drives in the computer.

    I'd probably install a recent distro, Kubuntu or Mepis or Debian. It would have at least the 2.6.26 kernel to make it easy and give a better chance for compatibility.

    There are some cheaper P43 or P45 boards with ICH10. Are those working well in Linux? I think many of the newer LAN chipsets and audio chipsets will be working in the more recent kernels, right? Some of the ethernet.LAN drivers are being built into the more recent kernels? I would like to have 'out of the box' working wired LAN and if possible, the audio working but as long as it's an easy package installer for the audio fix and no module building or anything like that.

    Can you or anyone suggest what to look at or even what to avoid?

    I think a lot of the entry level P43/P45 boards are no more expensive than some of the P35 boards so I thought maybe I should go for one of the P43/P45 boards. Any comments on that?

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