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    IPodLinux or Similar for ITouch?

    Hi All,
    Is there any news on IPodLinux? I'm wondering if it will run on ITouch. I haven't seen anything recent on Google.

    Thanks in advance!

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    The big two options for alternative an firmware/OS are Rockbox and iPodlinux (that you mentioned). To my knowledge no iPod from generation 6 onwards are supported yet as they use a new CPU and chipset.

    When the support does come around, if you want to run a system that will just be an alternative firmware with more functionality I'd recommend Rockbox. I've been running it on my iRiver for a year or so and it really expanded the already wide functionality. It has a quicker boot, added decent database support and a host of other apps. It even added album art support to my low resolution greyscale screen

    From what I understand iPodlinux is more of a general operating system that includes media playback, and as such is less tailored to being a media player.

    As far as the iTouch is concerned I'm not sure that libgpod can even work with it to write music/data yet. I believe it's still read-only so that means pretty much any Linux app or 3rd party plugin on other platforms will not support it well yet. I would like to emphasise the yet part

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