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    The wonderful SATA HDD...

    I need help. I'm an Ubuntu user, but I need to install on my laptop also Windows XP, because I need to use a program only avaiable for W. But unfortunaly, my laptop has SATA hd, so the Win CD doesn't see it, cause it has no drivers for it.

    The solution many sites propone is to put the drives on by a floppy...unfortunaly laptops don't have floppys...

    But, fortunaly, I found a program (NLite) that makes you integrate the Win CD with SATA drivers.

    So I need SATA drivers. With not so little difficult, I found my disk is Fujitsu - MHV2080BH. So I went on Fujitsu site at this page--->Fujitsu | MHV2080BH | Drivers & Software

    But the drivers seem to be unreachable...

    So anyone has any idea where I can find those damned drivers?

    Thank you for your attention.


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    Check your machine BIOS and look for a "legacy" mode option regarding the hard drives. If you find one and toggle that, your machine might allow you to install WinXP without the SATA drivers.

    Another option would be to slipstream the SATA drivers into the Windows XP installation CD. You can search Google for instructions on slipstreaming WinXP.

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    I agree. I slipstreamed a Windows XP CD. It isn't a super easy process but I was able to do it. Just google for it. I should have used OpenOffice or something and mailed myself the steps! Maybe I did?!? LOL

    Anyway, you can find out how via Google.

    Use the AHCI mode for the SATA drives. You can change it to that in the BIOS. I've read that this makes it easier for Linux operating systems to detect the drives. At any rate, you can use the actual format of the SATA drives with that mode. That is, whatever specs/speed the drive is, it is optimized when in the AHCI mode. 'Might as well use it, right?

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