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    can't install nvidia drivers

    Hey guys,
    I've had an ati x1650se running, got extremely pissed by setting up drivers and 3d taking about 3 or 4 days and therefore just bought a new nvidia 9800gt.
    Before I exchanged cards, I changed the driver in xorg.conf from fglrx back to vesa.

    when I try to install the driver, it tells me there is some version.h file missing due to not configured kernel.

    but see yourself. here is the log file:
    nvidia-installer log file '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log'
    creation time: Tue Oct  7 17:50:45 2008
    installer version: 1.0.7
    option status:
      license pre-accepted    : false
      update                  : false
      force update            : false
      expert                  : false
      uninstall               : false
      driver info             : false
      precompiled interfaces  : true
      no ncurses color        : false
      query latest version    : false
      OpenGL header files     : true
      no questions            : false
      silent                  : false
      no recursion            : false
      no backup               : false
      kernel module only      : false
      sanity                  : false
      add this kernel         : false
      no runlevel check       : false
      no network              : false
      no ABI note             : false
      no RPMs                 : false
      no kernel module        : false
      force SELinux           : default
      no X server check       : false
      no cc version check     : false
      force tls               : (not specified)
      X install prefix        : (not specified)
      X library install path  : (not specified)
      X module install path   : (not specified)
      OpenGL install prefix   : (not specified)
      OpenGL install libdir   : (not specified)
      utility install prefix  : (not specified)
      utility install libdir  : (not specified)
      doc install prefix      : (not specified)
      kernel name             : (not specified)
      kernel include path     : (not specified)
      kernel source path      : (not specified)
      kernel output path      : (not specified)
      kernel install path     : (not specified)
      proc mount point        : /proc
      ui                      : (not specified)
      tmpdir                  : /root/tmp
      ftp mirror              :
      RPM file list           : (not specified)
    Using: nvidia-installer ncurses user interface
    -> License accepted.
    -> Installing NVIDIA driver version 177.80.
    -> No precompiled kernel interface was found to match your kernel; would you li
       ke the installer to attempt to download a kernel interface for your kernel f
       rom the NVIDIA ftp site ( (Answer: Yes)
    -> No matching precompiled kernel interface was found on the NVIDIA ftp site;
       this means that the installer will need to compile a kernel interface for
       your kernel.
    -> Performing CC sanity check with CC="cc".
    -> Performing CC version check with CC="cc".
    ERROR: The kernel header file
           '/lib/modules/' does
           not exist.  The most likely reason for this is that the kernel source
           files in '/lib/modules/' have not been
    ERROR: Installation has failed.  Please see the file
           '/var/log/nvidia-installer.log' for details.  You may find suggestions
           on fixing installation problems in the README available on the Linux
           driver download page at
    kernel-source- is installed, kernel-headers is installed too and under /usr/src/linux- I did #make oldconfig with no errors. I also checked #make xconfig but didn't change anything.

    any help appreciated

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    I think that it is saying that there is no configuration file for your kernel sources. Run make menuconfig again. At the bottom of the first page is the option to "Save an Alternate Configuration File Select it an accept the default name of .config.

    This will give you a config file, but you really should go through the kernel source first, to make sure the modules that you need are enabled.
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    thanks for your answer. Do you know a good howto on how to set up the kernel source? I mean, I sure could find one via google but maybe you have a tipp?

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    I would install the kernel-default and kernel-source from your repo again. Then reboot and run the Nvidia install file.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paprika27 View Post
    thanks for your answer. Do you know a good howto on how to set up the kernel source? I mean, I sure could find one via google but maybe you have a tipp?
    If you get the kernel source from your distro's repository, then you most likely don't need to configure anything. (By the way, you never mentioned which distro you are using) I mentioned just to check, if you want.
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    I'm using mandriva 2008.1 (today 2009 stable released, maybe I'm gunna switch tomorrow...).
    I reinstalled the sources a couple of times, then I did a kernel upgrade to version (which I didn't do before because of ATI. I experienced that their drivers are incompatible with this kernel. but now that I have a nvidia, all works) and reinstalled the kernel sources again. this time, with the new kernel, it worked.
    now, when I start compiz like i did always, with the same profile and with the new nvidia drivers, I can use all the effects but somehow I'm not able to get the window decorations to show.

    but the trouble with the sources has been fixed. thank you guys.


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    I was finally able to manage to get window decorations again.
    I had to do

    nvidia-xconfig --add-argb-glx-visuals
    nvidia-xconfig -d 24

    somehow this didn't get set at the setup...
    but if that's all I experience (trouble-wise) I'm gunna be a permanent nvidia user (i was against nvidia and for ati for the past like 10 years. but that was mostly windoze times).

    thanks anyway.


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