Hello, I am hoping to receive some info and experiences of people's hardware in this post. I might be upgrading my system or buying a mobo for someone.

A distro of Linux will be installed. My main ones include Kubuntu and Fedora but one flavour of Debian will be included on it.

What I am wondering about is the sound and LAN chipsets. Is there one I should watch for? I figure that one is probably better to choose based on compatibility or at least, the chances of it being more compatible than others.

I was mostly looking at Realtek chipsets both for the audio and LAN just because it seems to be most common and maybe better chances for support?

Any ideas? Recommendations? Advice?

I'd be looking for a basic board but I thought P43/45 because I'd prefer to have at least 6 SATA ports and as a bonux, eSATA and maybe firewire but the latter is not essential.

Boards I thought might be good in Linux include Asus P5Q and MSI P45. Any others?