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    Cleaning a memory using an eraser will fry the RAM chips?

    Hi LF experts, good day.

    Every time I had a customer and if the problem is in the memory. I used to clean it with eraser, and viola, the computer will had a display again.

    1. Someone told me that rubbing an eraser to the memory contacts can fry the chips of memory module?
    2. It's because rubbing an eraser across the connectors will produce a LOT of static electricity?

    Do you think those are true?

    Honestly I'm a bit doubt with his statement when he told that to me. I've already search in Google and found nothing that his statements are true.

    Could someone tell me that his statements are true?

    Thanks and God bless.

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    It is a bad idea to clean sensitive electrical components such as RAM by rubbing them or using anything directly on the contacts as you will get a transfer of electrons - charge - so it is possible to fry the chips by doing this, unless it is all earthed, hence the use of an earthing strap and or mat in PC repair.
    Usually the same repair to RAM can be effected by just wiggling them in the memory slots lightly as most contact problems are not due to dirty contacts but bad seating.

    Hope this helps


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    static strap *very importent, also wearing sweaters which carry static to your hands as you install and remove ram! always touch the ground frame before, during and after. erasers do nothing. seating them proper is the reason it's working for you.

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