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    2nd Hard Drive install on FC4, how can I start to use the drive


    A bit of background first. I set-up my PC some time ago as a XP/FC4 dual boot. Xp and FC4 shared the same HD. I now need more space for data on both the windows and FC4 side of my PC. I installed an additional HD formatted to NTFS to serve XP side. I also added a third HD (sata) which i formatted to Linux ext2 and fat32 from the Xp side of my computer which i intended to use on FC4.

    I perhaps naively thought that when i boot up FC4 it would now 'see' the new drive formatted to ext2 and fat32. However, despite the fact when I open the hardware browser on FC4 and it does indeed see all the drives i have installed with the appropriate formats, I am unsure as to how to go about using this new drive. I can't seem to see the new disk space on my file explorer?

    The hardware browser tells me the filepath to my new partitions is /dev/sdc/sdc5 and /dev/sdc/sdc6 but when i navigate to these files from a terminal the files are in yellow text on a black background... i've no idea what this means.

    Hope someone can help, i had a quick look through the current threads and couldnt find what i was looking for.

    Best wishes

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    Just to say i think i've solved this problem. I edited the fstab file to mount the new devices and define their location. I found the following link useful: /etc/fstab broken down and explained -


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