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    intel 8x0 sound: problem with R/L channels

    I am having a very strange issue with my onboard sound on my nvidia NF7 mobo, which uses the intel8x0 driver. This is not specific to one application. It is also unaffected by outputing to alsa or OSS

    If I plug in my speakers to the motherboard I get only the right channel, I do get a tiny bit of sound out of the left speaker, almost like it was set to 1%. My mixers (xmig, aumix, alsamixer) all say that both channels are locked together,

    If I adjust the left channel volume individially the sounds will play at a reduced level in both speakers but as soon as I stop moving the slider the left channel goes dead.

    This is not a hardware problem, If I reboot into windows everything works fine.

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    Here is something else odd.

    I have an audio file that contains 6 channels that say "from right" "center" "front left" an so on.

    It plays front right and center just fine but both totem and mplayer skip to the end of the file when it gets to the left chanel.

    I know the file is ok becuase it plays fine in W2k.

    grrrr : (

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