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    linux newbie - hardware check

    Greetings. I am new to linux and am interesting in switching over from Windows XP. I would like to see if my hardware is supported or not before I install.

    I have:

    ATI Raedon 9600 256MB AGP
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS
    HP Photosmart 1115 printer

    Will these work in linux? How easy would installing the drivers be for a beginner? I wish to switch over while my family is on vacation and get everything working - a functional printer and soundcard are more important to me at this point than 3D graphics. If printer is down or the sound doesnt work, the family will be complaining


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    according to:

    the audigy 2 Z6 works in linux using ALSA - what is this & how do you utitilize it?

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    You should be fine with the list as long as you keep your requirement to the basic - screen shows up something neat, sound/music come out of your stereo speaker. GL (3D graphic), 6 channel audio would be a bit tricky. I am not familiar with printer but I am pretty sure as long as you stick to Hp, you'll get some sort of generic driver than prints with postscript.

    Be careful what Linux distribution you choose, make sure it supports lastest driver that includes ATI "radeon" driver with the XFree86 or subsystem.

    The sound system you should should be fine, "alsa" supports all types of SB cards starting from Live! 5.1 upward.


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    yeah, our setup is pretty basic. 2.1 desktop speakers for normal music listening - as for 3D graphics, I do some gaming so this is important to get working although not urgent at this time. As long as it is possible down the road, I will be content - I am the only one who plays games (UT2004 primarily).

    The printer used to be hooked up to a Mac - if that matters. Where can you get generic drivers for HP?

    thanks for quick response damienwx!

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    From one newbie to another

    Hi there bionnaki, I cannot offer you solutions because like you I am also new to Linux. I can suggest you set up your pc for dual boot, currently I am running XP and SuSE9.1 Pro on one 40gig hdd.

    So while I'm playing around getting SuSE setup and running properly the kids can still enjoy their games on windows while they are getting fimiliar with SuSE / Linux, which they are enjoying as SuSE offers more games.

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    thanks for the tip. I have considered dual-booting, but I am determined to switch over to linux - to just dive right in - otherwise I'll find myself + family going back to Windows. As long as the printer and sound are functional quickly, I'll be able to move from there. I have been using Knoppix live cd for about a month now, so I have a taste of what im getting into

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    For your Photosmart, look here:

    Says it's supported, and the driver is said to work perfectly.

    Hpijs is a very easy driver to install, but comes with many distros pre-installed. I use it with my Photosmart 7550 with no problems whatsoever.

    ALSA - what is this & how do you utitilize it
    ALSA stands for "Advanced Linux Sound Architecture". If ALSA supports it, then upon an install, ALSA should detect your soundcard automatically and apply a driver. It will also set base levels for you which you can alter via any mixing app.

    As for your ATI Radeon 9600, it uses a proprietary driver, and it may or may not be included in the distro. The info on getting and installing it are here:

    but I am determined to switch over to linux - to just dive right in
    That worked best for me. Forced me to learn!

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    Once you do "dive into" Linux feet first (you know you want to), this link will prove more worthwhile than even some forums!

    That's a Linux-specific google. It will ease frustration....promise!

    Just a tip.

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    sweet - thanks everyone! I appreciate all the help. I'm really looking forward to "making the switch."

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