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    Question Support from Netbook Maker or from Distro?

    Oh, I (n00b) have a question for y'all:

    If I buy an Eee PC with Linux on it (they include Xandros) and I have a software problem, who do I call and who provides support?
    Like, on a Windows machine, I just call up Dell or M$ directly and purchasing my license includes like 90 days of support (or whatever). Or with Apple, it's even simpler: I just call Apple and they can't pass the buck to anyone else.

    But with Linux (i.e., Ubuntu Remixed), do I get support from the Ubuntu guys (like a corporate support license), or I have to look out to the community?

    Example. If I were to buy a Dell Mini 9 with Ubuntu in it, and then I had an issue with getting it to play nice for some reason, who gives me service/support?

    Do I call Dell (like, they help me solve an Ubuntu problem)?
    Do I call Ubuntu with my Dell customer number (like, does Dell have some kind of support agreement with Ubuntu)?
    Do I search the Ubuntu website on my own to figure it out?

    With Windows, I guess they add my license purchase to the cost of the machine, so I can just call up M$ and get 90 days or 1 year of technical support over the phone.

    I guess it's kind of the same question whether I buy an Eee PC with Xandros or an Acer Aspire One with Linpus or all the other ones out there -- where do I get my much-needed help from?


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    Welcome to the forums!

    If your computer came with any documentation, check it for any information regarding support channels. If you have paid for support, I'd suggest getting it from whomever you've paid.

    Otherwise, you'd probably need to look for support from wherever you might find it, like most other Linux users.

    We get help requests here from eeepc users and from Xandros users all the time, so you might find some needed information on these forums.

    Hope it all works out well for you.

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