My case has audio connectors at the front (one for mic one for line out). These have 6 little plugs to put on my motherboard:

- mic in r
- mic in l
- l out
- r out
- gnd (brown cable)
- gnd (yellow cable)

The pins on my motherboard however follow a different specification:

- mic 2
- micpwr
- line out R
- line out L
- NC
- B line out R
- B line out L
- +5VA

So my big question here is: how should I connect the pins to get some stuff to work (I would be happy with just stereo output for my headset)? A bigger question is: if I connect the plugs for my output, will the rear output still work? The idea I have in my head is to connect my woofer+speakers to the rear of my case, and plug in my headset into the front. If I need big sound I would just flip on the switch of my woofer and put my headset down. Possible?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me.