I recently installed Debian on a machine that used to run Windows XP.
Some of my music files are in 24-bit/96 kHz FLAC format, and had no
problem playing those files on my machine (using Foobar as my music
player). After installing Debian, the files are very choppy when being
played, and not only that but vocal portions of the songs are not
coming out (just the instrumentation) . The media players I used were
Totem and Amarok, and sounded the same in both. Since it worked fine
in Foobar before the switch, I decided to install Foobar in WINE to
see what would happen. The files play smoothly, with no hiccups, but
the vocal portion of the files are still not there.

I'm guessing its a driver problem?

Under Windows I had SoundMax installed as part of my onboard audio
(motherboard=Asus A78V8X-X), but I don't think it is installed in my
PC. From scouring the net it appears its supposed to be included in
ALSA, but I don't know how to go about checking to see if it is
actually there. If it's not included how do I go about adding it to
see if that is the cause of my problems? Or am I not on the right
track all together?