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    I wont post what card you should get but what you shouldn't even consider as an option...

    ATI card are... the best in my opinion... their driver... totaly sux! they claim to "support" Linux with their latest release... the fact is that they have been struggling big time with their windows driver.

    TechiMoe About your card getting fried, damn dude!!! thats a royal piss off...

    I've been trying to make my dual Head working for the last 2 weeks... 2-3 hours a day... and... nothing...
    Contacted ATI... the only help they darred giving me was 2 link... the "how-to" and the "FAQ"... seriously guys... do they think i'm stupid or what!!!

    First, EVEN if I follow religiously the step, it doesnt even work, I have to play a little with the Config file... My video Card is on PCI:2 they default it to PCI:1!!!! good thing im no noob otherwise I would simply though that nothings working anymore.. (no X)

    Second on the FAQ and HOW-TO I have an honest impression that they "ported" their FAQ from windows to Linux without even knowing the actual way of solving things...

    Third Since my patient came to an end after 2 weeks and about 10-12 hours of messing around (yes im really patient) with diferent driver, diferent XORG, XFREE version, diferent kernel version, even hand made driver made by some guys to fix ATI sucky driver... nothing of that worked...

    Conclusion : if you want an hasslefree solution, ATI isn't what you want... on the other hand if your curious like me and want to try to make it work (just like I tough I could do) well ATI is what you want...

    I admit I didn't try any other Distro nor Videocard... BUT the fact that it doesnt work properly on one of them is probably I sign that none will be working fine...

    PS. On my windows Boot, the driver are so bad, (latest driver) that when I play W3, it sometimes crashes due to FrameSkipping being too high... And I have to Hard Reboot... If it doesnt even work on winBlows, (and they totally support it) how could we even dare about thinking that they will work properly on a platform they dont even give a rats ass about!!!

    (Im sorry for the angryness but it has to come out)
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    My advice is: Avoid ATI like the plague!
    Unless you are a driver developer, whose goal is to make an open-source ATI driver, in which case, go for it!

    I unfortunately have the Mobility Radeon 9600 in my laptop, so I'm stuck with it...

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    Wow, I'm glad I'm not the only one having trouble with my ATI card. I have a Radeon 9800, which is amazing playing Windows games, but have had no success with ATI's drivers. I don't need ultra performance or anything, just 3D capability so I can run some of the sweet screensavers on Fedora. If anyone is aware of something that will simply allow my card to do that and is fairly painless to install (like I use yum to do it), I would appreciate any advice on this.

    I'm glad I got my Radeon for Windows games, but for Linux I am quite disappointed. We should write some nasty letters to ATI or something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benzorz
    I'm glad I got my Radeon for Windows games, but for Linux I am quite disappointed. We should write some nasty letters or something.
    About 20,000 people beat you to it:
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    I've never used ATI cards, but my friend has had no end of trouble with them on Linux and Windows.
    nVidia, on the other hand, has a vested interest in keeping their linux drivers working because they're used in business a lot. I personally use an nVidia GeForce Ti4200 w/8x and i've been amazed how well it performs in both Linux and Windows, even on really new games. I've always been able to install the nVidia driver painlessly except for Fedora Core 3, which took a little work, but that's due to the new udev system in Fedora Core 3.
    Basically: Stay away from ATI cards, even if you use Windows.
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